What drives us...

: a better you, leading a better SME_


Social Media Presence Management


- Content Development: from concept origination through to the production of still and/or motion pictures (pictures & videos) geared for Social Media platforms;

- Presence Management: promotions/engagement with specific target market audiences through the tools offered by each platform over specified periods (from a single day to 12 months).



New Venture/Division creation OR acquisition (i.e. Franchise)


- Feasibility Studies;

- Governance Plan Development;

- Business Plan Compilation (from basic to corporate);

- Fundraising;

- Business Plan Roll-out (as an Adviser)



General Consulting


- Marketing Plan Development (including Social Media);

- Financial Plan Development;

- Talent Plan Development;

- Operations Plan Development.



Identity Development


- Logo Design,

- Business Profile Development,

- Website development.



SME Hosting (On-site and Remote)


Every SME and entrepreneur(s) at the helm need to be guided. Our hosting service packages recognise this need and through a basket of service, we have created a conducive envirnment for the SME/entrepreneur to have the best shot at delivering their product/service successfully and sustainably



Skills Development


One of the most detreminant factors of SME success has always the skills base of the leading pack/entrepreneur at the helm. The fact that there isn't a formal route to being an entrepreneur furtherly excebates the issues that come into play in the "real" world and challenges thereof. Our aim is to empower the leading pack as adequately as possible.