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Umbrella Companies

The following are a list of Companies under the 13SME Hub umbrella. 


Youth Upskilled SA


Youth Upskilled SA is one of the most innovative responses to the challenge of SA's youth skills-mismatch. Using the most accesible tech platforms (mobile devices with high volume SD Cards, substituted by DVDs at worst), YUSA delivers the highest quality SETA Accredited Video Learner-Experiences to even the most remote and marginalised of SA youth. 


bePresent Creations


bePresent Creations is passionate about implanting the present moment's memories through unique visual creations that "live" in our day-to-day spaces. These visual creations range from Themed Stills Galleries/Albums, Motion&Stills Galleries/Albums, Artifacts to Milestone and Celebratory Events' Galleries/Albums.



OTG Agents Network


On-The-Ground (OTG) Agents Network, serves as the conduit between the SME Hub Companies and the client. It is a community of agents who are committed to forming relationships with and communicating solutions to people & businesses. It is the voice and face of the SME Hub, and all its agents carry themselves in the most ethical, client-centric and sustainable manner at all times.



The Entrepreneurs' Table


the ET is a Social Media Experience focused on discussing, challenging and facilitating the creation of Economic waves through SME-driven Entrepreneurship. Stakeholders are invited to discuss local economic issues affecting SMEs AND the tabling of possible solutions. Would-be entrepreneurs are continually educated, encouraged and offered networking opportunities to kick-start their journey. Local and regional businesses are offered Social Media Advertising Solutions that ensure their continued growth and expansion.



i live in


i live in is a Social Media Experience focused on delivering High-Quality, relevant & truthful Community Content. The primary purpose being ensuring an increased understanding among community members, through the facilitation of engagements by Community Ambassadors.