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We are 13SME Hub

...and we are imagining: A better you, leading a better SME_

Services Offered

Social Media Presence Management

- Content Development

- Presence Management



Venture Creation or Acquisition

- Governance Plan Development;

- Business Plan Compilation;



General Consulting

- Financial Planning;

- Operations Planning



Identity Development 

- Logo Designing;

- Multi-format templates.



SME Hosting (On-site and Remote)

Every SME and entrepreneur(s) at the helm need to be guided, this can be on-site or remotely done


Skills Development

SME success has always rested on the skills base of the leading pack/entrepreneur at the helm. 


Welcome to our company

We are entrepreneurs who have gone through every single aspect of this journey. It is this set of experiences we aim to share with SMEs and their leading pack. Therefore, we are not going to be talking about theories, we have come to learn that the real world couldn't be far off. We adhrere totally to guiding principles, beyond that, we know that it is all about constant creativity and consistent hard work.


We value you, this we reflect in everything we do as we engage with you. You may be starting out or seeking to grow exponentialy, but we treat you as the visionary that you see in your mind's eye


The only way to stay ahead in a competitive environment of business is to recreate what is the accepted norm. We embrace change, we embrace innovation, it is the bedrock of our approach


We speak your language, literally. We understand your specific economy to within a 5km radius, for we come from there and/or have extensive intel on it. We do not burden you with theories, but we show our understanding through being relevant


We don't just talk it, we sweat it. We spend hours daily seeking new answers to the ever-new and increasingly challenging questions. We sweat hard for achieving success for your SME and clients

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